Records Processed

Actionable Intelligence A-La-Carte

  • Subscriber Scoring

    MXSCORE® subscriber scores show an estimated level of quality, engagement and activity for each and every record. Proven to increase revenue per thousand delivered by up to 30% per scored tier.

  • Heuristic Matches

    Find similar data based on similarities and behavioral data points to focus your efforts on opportunity.

  • Predictive Data Segmentation

    Do more than just engage - captivate. Every datapoint harnessed by MXLEADS is an opportunity to connect to a customer on a rich and meaningful level. Characteristics such as media consumption, affinity to vertical, content preferences and lifestyle choices allow us to help guide your marketing and transactional campaigns toward the light.

  • Live Fraud Assessment

    Identify fraud before it happens using probability based factors proven to increase merchant productivity while lowering chargeback risk.

  • Lead Validation

    Confirm the information provided by your users is accurate and solvent. Using MXLEADS 13-Point pre-screen your subscriber-base stays pure and true.

  • Deep, Respectful, Market Research

    Custom crafted analysis focused on immediate opportunities that yield immense value to both the recipient and sender alike. While we all know big-data firms have the capability to target customers on a very intimate level we be believe thoroughly that just because you can - doesn't mean you should. This